Shilluk - English


teggidivide even if small7Physical actions
tegi - ärrstrong muscles2.1.7Flesh
Tegi burøUnstabe7.5.8Simple, complicated
Tegi cingeStrong hand4.5.1Person in authority
tegi cingømiser6.8.4.7Spend
tegi cwaggraising the voice3.4.2.1Sad
tegi dël1strength of body2.4.1Strong
tegi dël2strong2.4Body condition
Tegi jyägøStrong adiminstration4.5.3.1Lead
Tegi lweddeHard worker4.5.1Person in authority
tegi pyëw1strong hearted3.
Tegi pyëwstrong heart3.2.2.7Willing to learn
Tegi wädhhExtreme3.2.5.7Extreme belief
tegi wijconflict/hostility4.8.1Hostility
tegi wïj1stubborn3.3.1.7Stubborn
tegi wïj2disobedient3.4.2.2Sorry
tengto shake water off the cloth6.6.7Working with water
tengivto dry6.6.2.4Working with clay
tengi ógudhshake off waterɗust from cloth5.6.4Wash clothes
tëngø1strength2.6.4.3Youth2pick up2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger
tëni dhanhøabout to come out2.6.3.4Labor and birth pains
tenøgazalle1. animals
ti pwödøbeat thoroughly7.7.1Hit
ti rïngørun fast7.