Shilluk - English


rum3vdoesn't think3.2.1.1Think about
Rum dïdøAlready learned3.2.2Learn
rum ki døjthink well3.2.1.1Think about
rum ki gønthink about3.2.1.1Think about
rum ki nyodhøhas been shown3.
Rum kiriBrood3.2Think
rumithoughr, idea6.1.2.5Plan
Rumi1Measuring container8.2.5.1Big container, volume2Measurement8.2.8Measure3Weighing object8.2.9Weigh4Idea9.1.1.4Attribution
rumi bøløthink ahead3.2.7.3Predict
rumi cänthink about3.2.1.1Think about
rumi cøngpinykneel7.1.4Kneel
rumi cungipinykneel down7.1.4Kneel
rumi cyän1recall3.2.6Remember2bad thoughts3.
Rumi kiri gïn megøThaught about other thing4.7.5.2Suspect
Rumi kiri ngan-a agwøg gïn rajSuspect4.7.5.2Suspect
rumi malthink for3.2.1.1Think about
Rumi rijøBad Thaughts4.7.5.2Suspect
rumm-a rijjøbad thoughts3.
rummì1thoughts3.2.7.1Hope2to think3.5.6.3Facial expression
rummi ba kanthoughts cannot be hidden3. your thoughts
rummi ba lwøgthoughts cannot be washed away3. your thoughts
rummi rajbad attitude3.4.2Feel bad
rumø11think2.2Body functions2finish3.5.8.4Show, indicate