Shilluk - English


rämlwedøfinger pain2.5.6.1Pain
rang geki gwedreading and writing3.5.7Reading and writing
rang ki yethi cwagreading with low voice3.5.7.3Read
rang määdhreading slowly3.5.7.3Read
RangiSomething used for protection4.4.4.5Protect
rängiglasses2.3.1.9Something used to see
rängi cängsun glasses2.3.1.9Something used to see
rängi cyärømagnifying glass2.3.1.9Something used to see
rangi jiexamine people3.2.2.1Study
rängi nying1eye glasses2.3.1.9Something used to see2examining eyesight2.5.4.2Poor eyesight
rängi-nyingeye glasses2.5.4.2Poor eyesight
ranyø1weak2.4.2Weak2a lazy person4.2.1.4Visit
re ba nyag enno suicide4.8.2.4Defend
Re da dëlVery fat8.2.3.2Fat person
Re døg enInter woven8.3.2Texture
Re kääd enInter woven8.3.2Texture
Re myen enCan not be untied8.3.2Texture
Re weneMixed & rolled8.3.2Texture
re-anäg yi enkill his self2.6.6.1Kill
re-da jwøkbe ill2.5.1Sick
re-da keedwounded2.5.3Injure