Shilluk - English


ngärøroar (lion) sounds
ngayi r wtwisting the body7.1.9Move a part of the body
NgäyøTo divert the discussion4.5.4.6Rebel against authority
ngäyø kwøbtalk rudely, diverting topic3.
ngeyes3.3.2.1Agree to do something
ngebcut (soft thing into small pieces7.8.3Cut
ngebbicut into piece (with knife)7.8.1Break
nged anägømad person2.5.8Mental illness
nged atumgossiper3.
ngeda adudinsincere person4.2.1.6Participate
ngeda agäyønegligent4.2.1.6Participate
ngeda anyangøwaster4.2.1.6Participate
ngeda awøyønegligent4.2.1.6Participate
Ngëde dwøngFat body8.2.3.2Fat person
ngedh1laugh2.2Body functions2brain3.2.1Mind3brains3Language and thought
ngedhi nääna deciever3.5.1.9Promise
ngedhø1laugh7.2.1.7Move noisily7.1.9Move a part of the body2.3.2.2Sound2to laugh3.5.6.4Laugh
NgedhøLaughing3. with someone
ngedi atumspy4.8.2.7Betray
Ngedi cyënCursed person4.4.5.2Unlucky
ngedi dhwangelegant person5.4.2Cosmetics
ngedi gagboastful person3.
ngedi göjtrouble initiator4.8.2Fight
Ngedi gööjTrouble shooter4.4.4.8Risk