Shilluk - English


lanyi tyelwide foot steps7.2.1.1Walk
lanyi-cwag lost voice2.3.2.4Loud
LanyøTo expand8.3.1.9Stretch
länyø1colouring5.4.3.3Dye hair2widen9.3.1.3To a larger degree
LärrøTo depise3.
laruj yi jwøkuntinely death2.6.6Die
lawsaliva2.5.5Cause of disease
law ki pïwater down1.3.5Solutions of water
Läwi døøjVery far8.2.6.1Far
lawi dwønggarment worn on occasion5.3.3Traditional clothing
Lawi genyRule through monarchy4.6Government
Läwi kidïHow far is it8.2.6.1Far
Lawi määnøDispotism4.6Government
Lawi mërPeaceful rule4.6Government
Lawi nywägBenevolent rule4.6Government
lawi ógudhrinsing cloth5.6.4Wash clothes
Lawi orangDictatorship4.6Government
Lawi orøgOppressive rule4.6Government
Läwi reTo keep away8.2.6.1Far
lawi thinhcasual garment5.3.3Traditional clothing
lawi thwölsnakeskin1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile
lawødancing skin (for girls) with leather