Shilluk - English


keew1boundary6.5.4.2Boundary2design6.5Working with buildings3sketch6.6.5.1Draw, paint
KeewøSlender8.2.3.3Thin person
kejin place of9.
Kej akyelTogether8. the same time
kej bëëdø1residence5.9Live, stay2lodging place6.6.6Working with land
Kej bødhøBlacksmith place4.4.4.4Save from trouble
Kej buri dwøngSupreme court4.7.4Court of law
Kej buri pajLocal court4.7.4Court of law
Kej burøMeeting place4.7.4Court of law
Kej cayPrison4.7.4Court of law
Kej cwägøGether place4.4.4.4Save from trouble
kej diji wäjprinting press6.6.3.3Working with paper
kej gønycourt6.5.1Building
Kej gønyCourt house4.7.4Court of law
Kej gøny athakerMartial court (An Arabic word)4.7.4Court of law
Kej gøny mïïriGovernment court4.7.4Court of law
Kej gøny thønhøJuvenile court4.7.4Court of law
Kej jiägøPresidency4.6.1Ruler
Kej jyägøRepresentative of the chief4.6.3Government organization
kej kønyicemetery2.6.6.6Grave
kej linyfighting place3., bored
Kej me laaj1Big area8.2.5Big area2For a long time8.4.1Period of time
kej me nøgshort time5.9Live, stay
Kej me nøgFor a moment8.4.1Period of time