Shilluk - English


bul2ndrum6.6.4.3Working with leather3.5.9.6Communication devices2. for a baby
bul3nCulvert8.2.2.1Short, not long
buløvbeating the water to frighten fish into the net6.4.5.1Fish with net
bungadvNobody8.1.5.2None, nothing8.1.8.1Empty
bung bøli kejeadvNo time for it8.1.5.2None, nothing
bung døngi cyänno turning back3.5.1.9Promise
Bung gänøNo respect3.
bung gïn lïngønothing has been heard3.2.3.1Known, unknown
bung gïn ngäj yï enignorant3.
Bung gïn ying rijeEmpty8.1.8.1Empty
Bung gøn1Nothing8.1.5.2None, nothing2Non existant8.1.7.2Lack3None8.4.5Relative time8.4.5.3Right time
bung gwøgunemployed, not working6.1.5Unemployed, not working
Bung jiNo people8.1.8.1Empty
Bung kejeNo place for it8.1.5.2None, nothing
bung kwøb ma lïngøno one said anything3.2.3.1Known, unknown
Bung ngäädhøNo respect3.
bung ngädhømisbehaviour6.1.3.4Advantage
bung ngan ngänyinobody knows3.2.3.3Secret
bung ngan ngänyiino one knows about it ,him or her3.2.3.1Known, unknown
bung ogødhnaked5.3.8Naked
bung perenot important6.1.3.1Easy, possible
Bung pere1Not important8.3.7.9Value2Does not matter4.5.6.2Low status
Bung pyëweHalf mad4.5.4.4Slave
Bung wöödøNo respect3.