Shilluk - English


bud2vPart only8.1.8Full
Buddi gøn ngenyøMost of the part8.1.6.1Part
Bude löløConcaved part8.
Bude ongwanyøPart is rough8.3.2.2Rough
budhhit an object2.3.2.3Types of sounds
budhi røwdeceive oneself3.
budhø1yam6.2.5.1First fruits6.2.1.3Growing vegetables5. from vegetables2alophathia1.6.3Animal life cycle
Budi bëëdøPart of behaviour8.1.6.1Part
Budi cängSun site8. of the day
Budi gønIts branches8.1.6.1Part
Budi gwøgPart of work8.1.6.1Part
Budi jagøChief's council4.6.6.1Police
budi kwøbabbreviation3.5.3.1Word
Budi kwøbPart of the talks3.5.1.2Talk about a subject
Budi pajCountry side4.6.7.2City
Budi pöödhøRegion4.6.7Region
Budi rädhReth's council4.6.6.1Police
Budi wajPart of story8.1.6.1Part
budi-pinylay down2.3.5.1Comfortable
budø1sleep5.1.1.3Bed2lie down2.4.5Rest3go to bed5.7.1Go to sleep4serious sickness2.5.6.1Pain5part of something7.4.4Distribute6long sickness2.5.3Injure7impact7.7Physical impact8sunset1.1.1.1Moon1.1.1Sun
Budø1Part8.1.6.1Part8.1.5.1Some2Half8.1.6Whole, complete
budø yu dhanhøambush4.
bug ki burblusher5.4.2Cosmetics
bugïn pere1no cause9. cause2no purpose9. purpose
bul1vto roast, bake, char6.6.2.8Working with bricks6.6.2.4Working with clay5.5.6Fuel5. dishes5.2.3.4Prepared food